When we reach the top of the drive to camp we know we have entered a different world.  For as far as we can see are vistas of mountains, and tiny buildings miles in the distance.  We arrived for a day at camp! The beautiful old barns, a huge lawn for games, toys all around, and happy campers greet us.




What happens during the day?

  • outdoor exploration
  • camp craft
  • swimming
  • singing
  • read aloud games
  • riding the zip line
  • snacks
  • picnic lunches brought from home
  • journal writing
  • hide and seek
  • kickball
  • wiffleball
  • tag
  • Capture the Flag
  • supervised play
  • blueberry muffins (berries picked at camp)
  • and on Fridays,  chocolate chip zucchini bread and Sarsaparilla
Hello Merry!
It’s been a long time- more than 20 years!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know that Camp Sarsaparilla lives on with you at the helm!  I have such fond memories of all my years there, first as a camper and then as a counselor, and am beyond proud to share the experience with my daughter now that she is of age.
Thank you for doing what you do and giving children great lifelong memories.
We look forward to seeing you this summer.
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